Telchemy and Knowi develop end-to-end IoT analytics solution

Telchemy, the leading provider of embedded analytics for voice, video, and data, announced that it has partnered with Knowi, a leader in Augmented Analytics for modern data, to offer a turnkey end-to-end IoT analytics solution that uses the Knowi Business Intelligence platform with Telchemy’s Embiot edge analytics agent.

This jointly developed solution will enable organizations to combine powerful real time edge analytics with advanced cloud-based data integration, reporting and natural language queries.

“Embiot analyzes complex time-varying or high sample rate data directly at the edge, allowing a lower volume of more meaningful data to be sent to the cloud,” said Alan Clark, Telchemy CEO. “This complements Knowi’s ability to unify analytics from multiple data sources and provide users with critical insights.”

Knowi COO Ryan Levy also spoke about the new partnership. “Combining Telchemy’s Embiot solution with Knowi’s Augmented Analytics platform is an exciting approach to handling messy data in this world of IoT. I always believe we are stronger together, and this is personified with the Telchemy + Knowi partnership.”

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