SAP Ariba and Swisscom partnership connects the Ariba Network and Conextrade

Today’s businesses expect their business-to-business networks to provide connectivity, process efficiency and transparency to be able to trade seamlessly and access data insights to make well-informed procurement decisions. Yet in some geographies and industries, closed networks are preferred for their unique ability to achieve compliance with specific regulations.

To expand the value they deliver to customers, SAP Ariba and Swisscom have partnered to connect the Ariba Network, the largest digital business-to-business network on the planet, and Conextrade, the leading Swiss procurement platform.

Conextrade is a preferred network for many Switzerland-based companies as it connects them to a digital platform to process their business transactions in compliance with local laws and in accordance with Swiss security standards.

By connecting SAP Ariba’s global network with Conextrade, companies can continue to operate in their preferred platforms while bringing the entire procurement process, including the order-to-cash process internationally, into a unified system.

What’s more, because the networks are connected, the data is also linked, which then drives more intelligent spend management experiences.

“We are opening the Ariba Network to well-established geographic and industry-specific networks that are preferred for their unique capabilities with regulations, protocols and formats,” said Sean Thompson, senior vice president, Business Network and Ecosystem, SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass.

“With this move, we are taking a leading step forward to create a network of networks that delivers even greater value to our customers.”

The connection between networks enables suppliers to reach new buyers while keeping procurement operations in an established and preferred, but now connected, system. At the same time, buyers gain access to new suppliers through the connection to Conextrade that expands the Ariba Network.

By partnering with other networks like Conextrade, SAP Ariba is offering customers access to trade with companies on industry-specific business networks and in different geographies as well as additional integration capabilities and industry-specific protocols and formats.

The Ariba Network is a global network where businesses connect, communicate and collaborate to redefine how business gets done. It is the largest business-to-business network in the world connecting more than 4.4 million companies in 190 countries and growing every day.

On the Ariba Network, companies have a single, centralized place to identify opportunities, find innovative solutions, securely share information and close deals. In addition, companies gain intelligence to guide decisions every step of the way—detailed insight based on their own data and policies as well as best practice benchmarks from peers and across categories.

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