Waratek Secure RASP solution now available to companies as a 30-day trial

Waratek, the compiler-based application security company, announced its award-winning Waratek Secure runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution is now available to companies as part of a 30-day evaluation and trial program.

For the first time, businesses can schedule a free trial with a Waratek security expert and test drive the RASP solution in their own environment. Waratek will review the company’s needs, help identify where Waratek can help, and get a license issued for the trial.

“Most companies realize the importance of application security, but have existing misconceptions about RASP solutions. Some still believe RASP solutions are difficult to deploy and scale, while others think RASP solutions will impact the performance of the applications they use.

“Most concerning are those who believe they are currently doing enough on their own,” said John Adams, CEO, Waratek.

“Adding a RASP solution has never been more timely for businesses and we’re excited to debunk those misconceptions by offering Waratek Secure as a 30-day trial to show how we can maximize and elevate their application security programs.”

Features of Waratek Secure include:

  • Unparalleled security – Waratek Secure offers “always on” security protections that ensure 100 percent accuracy in detecting code injection attacks. Waratek Secure deploys rapidly and instantly protects against OWASP Top Ten, SANS Top 25, Zero-Day, and other common attacks that exploit known software flaws.
  • No false positives – Waratek’s promise of “no false positives” is backed by a USD $10,000 financial guarantee.
  • No code changes – Waratek Secure safeguards your applications without the need to worry about application failure or financial impacts from downtime.
  • Intuitive management console – Waratek Secure lets you see your environment and deploy rules in the best manner for your business.
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