Cypaw launches it’s limited-time free beta of their cloud based digital footprint analyser

Cypaw launches its beta of their cloud based digital footprint analyser which helps secure businesses against email credential compromise.

  • Cypaw automatically monitors business email use in order to help minimize employees’ digital footprints thereby reducing digital risk.
  • The Cypaw product is designed to protect employees as secure employees make secure businesses.
  • The service is fully automated and allows companies to monitor employee use of business emails without breaching their privacy.
  • The easy-to-setup service requires no downloads and is fully GDPR compliant, adding another new and important capability in the fight against cyber crime.
  • The Beta version is free for lifetime use, for a limited time period.
  • Cypaw CEO Adam Pritchard says this service “could make a significant contribution” to online security for SME’s.

All businesses rely on email as their primary source of communication to all their stakeholders. Corporate emails are a treasure trove of important information – everything from financial data to personnel records are stored here.

The credentials keeping this information safe could be breached by a third party without your knowledge. Companies need to do everything they can to secure business email credentials as these represent the keys to the digital safe.

It has been estimated that 95% of corporate cyber-attacks begin with a phishing attack aimed at an employee. As data becomes more frequently stored and shared online, phishing attempts become more viable. The root of the problem lies in the information left online – your digital footprint.

Cypaw provides the tools to instantly check and monitor digital footprints, providing companies with the awareness and means to take control of their data.

Many businesses have internal policies designed to discourage employees from using work email addresses. However, employees often use their work email for personal use and may sign up for websites that are at risk of being breached.

At issue is how businesses can efficiently and legally monitor use of their email addresses and keep employees safe. The Cypaw service is quick, continuous, requires no downloads, and specifically designed to keep workflows to a minimum.

Adam Pritchard, Cypaw’s CEO, believes that, “Everyone should have the tools to better protect themselves from digital threats. It should be the responsibility of every business to make sure that their employees are secure, which is why we are initially offering Cypaw for free.

“Secure employees make secure businesses, so it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that employees have the means and overall awareness to stay secure online.”

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