D2iQ DC/OS 2.0 includes enhanced security, resource management and multi-tenant support

D2iQ, the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that power smarter Day 2 operations, announced the release of DC/OS 2.0, a major release of the company’s distributed operating platform.

With security and resource management improvements, coupled with enhanced multi-tenant, operating system and workload support, DC/OS enables successful Day 2 operational experiences for enterprises across the globe.

As a leading integrated platform for managing data and containers across any enterprise infrastructure, DC/OS enables organizations to modernize applications and increase interoperability to ensure more efficient, highly reliable operations at scale.

DC/OS 2.0 now supports an agent footprint on Microsoft Windows, enabling expanded workloads on one of the world’s most popular operating systems. In addition, DC/OS 2.0 features a new data science engine with the power of cloud computing to streamline data science operations.

“Organizations have many technology choices on their cloud native journeys and D2iQ is dedicated to providing the enterprise-grade solutions, services and expertise that helps ensure project success from inception to Day 2 operations,” said Ben Hindman, founder and chief product officer, D2iQ.

“DC/OS 2.0 provides enterprises with full-base technology support, delivering SLAs around a wide array of cloud native technologies. Whether it’s DC/OS, Kubernetes or a collection of open source offerings, D2iQ is empowering enterprises across the globe to ensure successful outcomes for developers, architects and end users.”

DC/OS 2.0 features a number of improvements designed to bolster its enterprise capabilities, streamline operations and accelerate cloud native journeys, including:

Enterprise security–With exhibitor lockdown and TLS certificate verification, DC/OS delivers more stringent control and protection of organizational resources and more effective response to regularity and audit requirements, such as GDPR and PCI.

Day 2 operational resource management–Node draining and improved network and performance metric logging minimize downtime and deliver better operational experiences for all users.

Stronger multi-tenant support–With DC/OS 2.0, organizations can more effectively co-locate multiple business units, teams and services in a shared-services environment, while enabling lines-of-business and service owners to function autonomously.

Expanded operating system and workload support—With the delivery of DC/OS 2.0, D2iQ now provides formal technology support for workloads on Windows, along with a wide range of integrated data services such as Cassandra, Kafka and Spark as well as Data Science technologies such as Jupyter notebooks.

Additionally, DC/OS 2.0 features enhanced batch computing leveraging advanced cloud computing concepts, and UCR support for more effective governance of memory needs across workloads.

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