Tranquil data solves difficult data segmentation and contextualization challenges at scale

Tranquil Data, a startup that helps companies transform and scale by proactively ensuring data is used as intended, announced the release of its flagship product.

Sitting between applications and databases, Tranquil Data software monitors data as it’s being created to provide technical and business stakeholders clear insight into where data came from, how it was used and if it requires specific controls like isolation or segmentation.

The software doesn’t require any programming modifications or workflow interruptions, allowing developers to build new products or services quickly and scalably, and by continuously ensuring compliance, Tranquil Data enables organizations to be more nimble and innovative — all while preventing inadvertent data misuse and providing insights that offer new business value.

As the volume and power of data systems continues to mature, organizations from a variety of industries are struggling to maintain the underlying context for why their data exists.

Without a solid understanding of what they can do with data and if/how they can leverage it, organizations are unable to evolve their product offerings and expand their business.

A lack of proactive, policy-based data services not only makes developers less effective and hinders the execution of new business opportunities, it also leaves compliance officers and other business stakeholders in the dark, and leads to complex audit and diligence processes.

“The proliferation of data presents infinite possibilities for businesses and consumers alike, however regulations like GDPR, PCI-DSS and the California Consumer Privacy Act have made organizations wary of capitalizing on data-related opportunities,” said Seth Proctor, Co-Founder and CEO of Tranquil Data.

“Tranquil Data was created to invert this hesitation into opportunity by helping companies get the most value out of data while also making sure end-users aren’t surprised by how and where their data is being used.

“Of particular value is the alignment we provide that allows technical and business stakeholders to work together to realize the best data-based opportunities for their business.”

Tranquil Data software can be deployed in a single container on a laptop or scaled out as a service.

By providing proactive data rules via a visual front-end, compliance responsibilities shift away from developers, enabling technical teams to focus their talents on building new products and services, and giving business stakeholders confidence about how exactly customer and partner data is being used.

Last year, Tranquil Data raised $1.8 million in seed funding, with Hyperplane Venture Capital leading the round and First Star Ventures and PBJ Capital also participating.

With decades of combined experience building enterprise software, the Boston-based Tranquil Data team has previously held engineering and leadership roles at Amazon Web Services, EMC, HubSpot, IBM, NetApp, NuoDB and Microsoft.

As former classmates at Brown University, the founders share a core conviction that to scale technology and unlock the full potential of data, companies need transparent methods for governing how data is used.

Currently, Tranquil Data is working with several enterprise design and channel partners across the finance, insurance and healthcare sectors.

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