Entrust Datacard’s new Ansible modules simplify certificate deployment for limitless end-points

Entrust Datacard announced new Ansible modules to help customers automate TLS/SSL certificate deployment at scale, helping enable higher security and more efficient deployment.

Entrust Datacard is the first commercial certification authority to build a module that connects Ansible, an open-source software provisioning, configuration management and application-deployment tool, to the Entrust Certificates Services (ECS) certificate management platform.

“Deploying certificates manually using one-at-a-time tools can be tremendously time consuming. Entrust Datacard’s new Ansible modules let DevOps professionals deploy certificates at scale,” said Jay Schiavo, vice president of product management for Certificate Solutions at Entrust Datacard.

“Automating certificate deployment and domain validation creates a true plug and play experience. It ensures that certificate renewals take place in a timely fashion, reducing the risk of downtime due to certificate expiration, and helps eliminate error-prone touch points to improve security.”

Developers with an Entrust Certificates Services (ECS) account can take advantage of the new ECS API and ECS Certificate module in Ansible. Benefits include:

  • The ECS API is defined by an Open API 2.0 (Swagger) specification, which allows developers to leverage many open source tools to simplify integration development.
  • The ECS API lends itself well to automation threads, because domain validation can be done independently of actual certificate request and renewal.
  • Ansible is a flexible automation tool that is easy to deploy at scale. Integrating it with the ECS API allows that power to be leveraged for certificate generation and deployment.
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