Jumio’s investment in AI, OCR and biometrics enhances its identity verification

Jumio, the leading AI-powered trusted identity as a service provider, announced the results of its two-year focus on automation, enabled through a variety of AI, machine learning, OCR and biometric-based investments and innovations.

This multi-pronged approach has resulted in dramatically faster and more accurate verifications as well as a more intuitive user experience.

Jumio has invested heavily in supervised machine-learning models, fed by massive datasets, which are steadily improving verification speed and helping Jumio spot fraud patterns much faster than legacy manual review processes.

These investments were key to launching Jumio Go, the company’s new identity verification solution powered exclusively by AI, but have also dramatically improved Jumio’s current suite of identity verification and authentication solutions.

“We’re seeing across-the-board improvements in our ability to automate virtually every phase of the identity verification process, making our core solutions even faster, easier and more accurate for our customers and their end users,” said Labhesh Patel, Jumio CTO and chief scientist.

Delivering tangible customer benefits

Faster verification time: Over the last year, Jumio has improved verification response times by more than 33% through its AI, machine learning and OCR improvements.

Automation of the identity verification process: About 90% of the company’s identity verification process is now automated through AI and machine learning.

Verification experts are now only called to resolve transactions where the image quality of the ID document or selfie is poor (e.g., shot in bad lighting, too blurry or too much glare) and therefore require human review to make a definitive verification judgment.

Ability for users to course correct: Jumio is giving users the ability to course-correct using more than 15 specific rejection codes.

The codes are used to help the end user complete their online journey, giving them a second chance to recapture the image and effectively course-correct which has improved conversion rates by 15% across Jumio’s customer base.

Best-in-class certified liveness detection: Jumio is the only online identity verification solution on the market that has integrated certified liveness detection to prevent deepfakes, bots and advanced spoofing attacks.

Jumio integrated FaceTec ZoOm, the first and only biometric technology solution to achieve Level-1 and Level-2 certification for NIST iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

Streamlining the cross-device journey: Jumio is one of a handful of solution providers that offers a genuine omnichannel experience which enables webcam users to continue the user journey on their mobile device simply by sending an SMS message or a QR code.

After taking the photos on their mobile device, users can complete the journey on their computer. This option has increased online conversion rates of our webcam users by more than 10% across the Jumio customer base.

Jumio’s full suite of identity verification solutions have benefited from these technology enhancements.

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