Data I/O advances the PSV7000 with NexTeach Pro, for faster job teaching and more accuracy

Data I/O, the leading global provider of advanced data and security deployment solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers, announced NexTeach Pro and handler performance enhancements to the PSV7000 that reduce job setup time by up to 4x and increase production throughput up to 24%, respectively.

All existing PSV7000 customers are eligible to upgrade their systems immediately.

“Our customers continually ask how to maximize production output, reduce costs and minimize human error. Teaching new package types and programming jobs has historically been a source of error, downtime and yield loss in device programming, especially in automotive markets with a zero rework policy,” said Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO of Data I/O.

“Data I/O’s NexTeach Pro and system software delivers one touch teaching with up to 4 times improvement in job set-up, up to 10 times better accuracy than before and significantly increases overall handler performance.”

NexTeach is Data I/O’s next generation of job teaching technology. NexTeach simplifies the teaching process by automating the XYZR measurements and coordinates with the single touch of a button.

In addition, customers can now optimize the handler settings by package type, increasing speed and precision for the most demanding small parts and fine pitch packages. This allows customers to dial in the best possible performance for their application, with performance increases up to 24%.

These enhancements are a testament to Data I/O’s leadership and continued investment to the pre-programming market for the automotive and IoT markets. Customers can take immediately take advantage of our latest enhancements.

The PSV7000 is the world’s premier automated programming solution with the speed, flexibility, fast changeover and small parts handling to manage any job for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Engineered for velocity and versatility, the PSV7000 combines industry leading robotics handling, the LumenX revolutionary programming technology for fastest device programming and highest socket density.

A comprehensive suite of process control software applications along with fiber laser marking and 3D co-planarity component inspection meets the demanding process requirements for automotive electronics applications and Industry 4.0 automation.

System software updates are free to customers on an annual software maintenance contract and also available for one-time purchase.

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