Avaya expands global availability of its DaaS offering

Avaya Holdings announced that it has expanded global availability of its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering, enabling businesses to acquire Avaya’s latest smart devices with the flexibility of a monthly subscription rather than an upfront purchase.

Following a successful introduction in the United States in 2018, this offering is now available to customers in Canada and a number of European countries.

The Avaya DaaS offering is now available for Avaya IX IP Phones, the Avaya Vantage portfolio, select Avaya IX Conference Phones – including the recently launched Avaya IX Conference Phone B199, and the award-winning Avaya IX Collaboration Unit.

With the platform-agnostic capabilities of the Avaya IX Device portfolio, these devices can be deployed on both Avaya and Non-Avaya UC platforms.

Customers can contract for terms of 1, 3, or 5 years – longer terms provide lower monthly costs. During the term, customers can upgrade to higher priced devices without any penalty and cancellation options are also available.

“We are excited to announce the availability of our Device as a Service offer to our customers in Canada and Europe,” said Hardy Myers, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Avaya,

“This announcement, along with the recently announced Avaya IX Subscription offer and the Avaya’s OneCloud set of service offers, now enables customers to leverage an OpEx model for both their Avaya software and their Avaya devices.”

The Avaya Device as a Service website provides a drop-down listing of the countries in which Device as a Service is now available.

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