New infosec products of the week: November 15, 2019

Sysdig Secure 3.0 provides enterprises with threat prevention at runtime

Sysdig Secure 3.0 includes an incident response and audit tool for Kubernetes, giving enterprises the ability to reconstruct historical system activity. Enabling these capabilities are three new features: Kubernetes Policy Advisor, Falco Tuning, and Activity Audit.

infosec products November 2019

Jamf unveils Jamf Protect, an enterprise Mac endpoint protection solution

Jamf Protect leverages native Apple security tools and on-device analysis of macOS activity to create customized telemetry that gives enterprise security teams visibility into their macOS fleet and the ability to respond and block identified threats.

infosec products November 2019

HiveIO Hive Fabric 7.4: Deploy virtualization technology without vendor complexity

Hive Fabric enables users to deploy virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage in a single install, eliminating the need for a multi-vendor and multi-contract approach. The latest software release brings increased security and integrations, furthering operational-focused capabilities and removing overhead associated with the day-to-day support of virtualization.

infosec products November 2019

ZeroNorth’s platform enhancements drive security into DevOps

ZeroNorth announced new platform capabilities that enable customers to more effectively build security into the SDLC and evaluate, prioritize and respond to risk based on business context. These enhancements are driven by new integrations with software pipeline and enterprise security platforms, and advanced filtering and analytics capabilities.

infosec products November 2019

Bitglass SmartEdge architecture ensures high performance and no latency

Bitglass announced its SmartEdge architecture, delivering a complete Secure Access Service Edge solution that simultaneously circumvents the management overhead and performance bottlenecks of competing solutions. With SmartEdge, endpoints carry their own on-device Secure Web Gateway, locally terminating SSL and inspecting all network activity for blocking threats and data leakage.

infosec products November 2019

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