Cavirin Free for CIS benchark now available on AWS and GCP

Cavirin is excited to announce the introduction of the market’s first CIS benchmark for cloud security as a free service. The Cavirin free service offers genuine value when compared to the cost of CIS compliance from CSPs or other cloud security vendors. This free service offers organizations a runway to get started with their cloud security initiatives.

The free license includes CIS and network policy packs for AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud services and compute instances. The combined free policy packs provide over 7000+ controls, along with interactive reports and our dashboard. Use the free license to CIS harden VMs and cloud services, thereby improving your cybersecurity posture.

Nisha Agarwal, VP, GTM and Products, Cavirin Systems said, “Security in the cloud requires a new approach. Without a physical perimeter, each software service must itself be locked down. The first step in securing your cloud is the ability to check and remediate to ensure proper configurations of critical cloud infrastructure.

“We at Cavirin know that building the “First Line of Defense” begins with requiring regular scanning and remediation. It is the first step in a strategic, security-oriented approach to implementing cloud services.”

Peter Bierfeldt, VP Global Compliance/Information Security/Privacy, Reltio, said: “We believe configurations of cloud services is an important first step in securing cloud environments. The Cavirin platform has empowered our governance & security teams to regularly scan & fix configurations for our OSs and cloud services across multiple clouds!”

Stuart Horne, EVP Business Development, DigitalOnUs stated: “Configurations of cloud services is an important first step for cloud security. We have selected the Cavirin platform to implement robust policy checks across AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud workloads for our customers.

“It is easy to use, extensible, scalable, and provides significant value to our capabilities in assessing security risks.”

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