Datadog supports AWS CloudFormation’s new capabilities to manage third party resources

Datadog, the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud age, announced support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation’s new capabilities to manage third party resources.

The AWS CloudFormation Registry provides a common framework for managing and provisioning all the infrastructure components in a cloud environment, including third party services and resources.

Using the new AWS CloudFormation CLI, Datadog has worked with AWS to enable creation of templates that allow users to create and manage their Datadog configurations as code.

With Datadog’s AWS CloudFormation resource provider, it is now possible to programmatically create and manage your AWS and Datadog configurations within a single CloudFormation template, making it easy to build reliable, repeatable processes for monitoring dynamic infrastructure.

“Companies are relying on CloudFormation more than ever to automate infrastructure provisioning on AWS. Customers want the same safety, predictability, and speed to manage non-AWS components too,” said Amjad Hussain, Director, AWS CloudFormation.

“Users can now enjoy the ability to easily setup and maintain their Datadog resources as code, just as they do for the rest of their AWS services.”

Datadog’s cloud monitoring platform brings together infrastructure metrics, application traces, log data, synthetic monitoring, and network performance monitoring, allowing organizations to scale their cloud environments, troubleshoot potential issues, and provide their customers with excellent digital experiences.

Datadog supports a wide range of AWS services, and is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

“We’re excited to support the new AWS CloudFormation features,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, VP of Product and Community at Datadog. “Providing repeatable steps for provisioning and setting up monitoring resources will help our customers with their critical AWS infrastructure.”

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