HackNotice Premium: Real-time security insights and remediation

HackNotice announced the launch of HackNotice Premium, a threat monitoring service that provides users with deep, real-time insight into potential breaches or data leaks and personalized recovery recommendations to quickly reduce risks.

HackNotice Premium monitors and aggregates data across the dark web, public sources, and official disclosures, indexing breach disclosures and data leaks continuously, and notifies users when their digital identity has been compromised.

Building off the free HackNotice Personal service, HackNotice Premium details the information that was exposed when alerting users to a hack and provides actionable next steps to help them effectively recover and protect against account takeovers – a type of attack that resulted in 3.4 billion worth of damages last year according to Javelin Strategy & Insights.

“Historically, consumer services have failed to provide the insight and support needed to effectively and quickly respond to a data leak,” said Steve Thomas, CEO at HackNotice.

“Hackers are only getting savvier, and as we live our lives increasingly online, it’s critical that consumers have the information they need to protect themselves. Through HackNotice Premium, we hope to address these challenges head-on and empower consumers with the visibility and support they need to protect their digital identities.”

Key features of HackNotice Premium include:

  • Compromised record tagging: Alerts will include the specific details that were likely compromised, such as email addresses, passwords, home addresses, phone numbers, or credit card information.
  • Personalized response recommendations: When notified, users will receive actionable recommendations for how to recover based on the type of hack and how their records were impacted.
  • Increased monitoring capacity: Users can monitor 20 personal identifiers online, up from three with the free Personal Service, on up to 100 websites, specifying a domain of their choice or selecting from the suggested financial, social media, ecommerce, and other sites that typically host sensitive information.
  • Mobile application access: HackNotice Premium and all its capabilities are now available on the Android and iOS-compatible HackNotice mobile app to ensure users can access their account at any time.

While created with consumers in mind, HackNotice Premium can also be rolled into an enterprise offering, providing businesses with up-to-date threat intelligence for their employees.

Through HackNotice Premium’s real-time insights and monitoring, organizations can better manage ongoing security, identify potential risks, and empower employees with the tools they need to protect sensitive information.

“HackNotice’s impressive index of breach data provides significant value to SecurityScorecard’s customer base,” said Paul Gagliardi, Chief Information Security Officer of SecurityScorecard.

“The insights and metadata we’re able to pull from their data set directly drives our scoring models and allows our customers to more accurately monitor and understand the risk of their third party ecosystem.”

HackNotice Premium can be purchased through a $4.95 monthly subscription or $49.95 annual fee. Any new or existing customers that enroll in the service through the end of 2019 will receive 50% off their first six months.

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