Delta Risk leverages Crypsis Group’s expertise in incident response and risk management

Delta Risk, a leading provider of SOC-as-a-Service and security services, announced that it has partnered with The Crypsis Group, a leading incident response, risk management, and digital forensics firm.

Delta Risk will leverage The Crypsis Group’s expertise in incident response and risk management – including cases involving ransomware, business email compromise, web server compromise, credit card data theft, and state-sponsored attacks – and Crypsis Managed Security Services customers will benefit from security monitoring and management capabilities in Delta Risk’s cloud native platform, ActiveEye.

“Enterprise environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to secure, with the myriad of environments, security solutions and endpoints in the mix,” said Sam Rubin, Vice President, The Crypsis Group.

“Many companies lack security professionals with specialized experience or would rather have their staff focus on other business-critical tasks. We are pleased to partner with Delta Risk to offer their expert services to our customers and take the management burden off their internal teams.”

“We’re excited to work with The Crypsis Group,” said Jason Peoples, Director of Partnerships, Delta Risk.

“Their proven expertise in incident response and cyber-risk management, combined with our 24×7 security operations center (SOC) capabilities and our cloud native ActiveEye platform, offer a compelling solution set for companies that want cost-effective, transparent security capabilities while simplifying their security operations.”

Delta Risk’s SOC-as-a-Service model offers companies complete visibility into their cloud applications and infrastructure, as well as endpoint and network security activity, enabling faster response to cyber threats and reduced workloads on internal IT and security teams.

Delta Risk also offers expertise in security services such as compromise assessments, penetration testing, and cyber security exercises.

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