Edgewater unveils new version of its Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing Development Kit

Edgewater Wireless Systems, the industry leader in Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing technology for residential and commercial markets, releases powerful new Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing Development Kit powered by Edgewater’s MCSR chipsets.

Edgewater’s groundbreaking Dev Kit 2.0 delivers a complete hardware and software package for open source developers to create an ecosystem of apps unlocking the power of Spectrum Slicing to the residential and enterprise Wi-Fi markets.

Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing offers breakthrough performance, slicing available spectrum, and exposing a new level of Wi-Fi spectrum granularity for developers to exploit.

Edgewater’s groundbreaking MCSR silicon solutions and advanced Linux drivers allow the global Linux community to use the widely adopted Linux and OpenWrt software platforms to harness Edgewater’s technology and invent new and creative applications for the platform.

“As the new Dual-Channel Wi-Fi standard has shown, Edgewater’s MCSR platform is a fertile field to be cultivated,” Said Andrew Skafel, CEO of Edgewater Wireless.

“The latest release of our Dev Kit builds on the success of our earlier release, which was instrumental in securing our first enterprise design-win. We’re excited and proud to offer our latest Dev Kit and expect there is a myriad of applications to be developed.”

With over 1,681 developers, the Linux community represents one of the largest global software development organizations, and the OpenWrt stream is a Linux operating system used by devices such as routers, smartphones, and residential gateways.

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