Fingerprint Cards launches new side-mounted capacitive touch sensor for biometric authentication

Fingerprint Cards announces the launch of a new side-mounted capacitive touch sensor for biometric authentication. Responding to customer demand, the slim FPC1540 sensor enables a range of the latest smartphone designs including borderless and foldable phones.

The sensor can be coated in a range of colors to complement the aesthetics of the smartphone design. The biometric sensor can also enhance the user experience beyond offering a convenient and secure authentication method, doubling as the power button, volume control, operating the camera shutter and scrolling.

FPC1540 expands Fingerprints’ portfolio of capacitive sensors that are now deployed on the front, back and side of over 400 different mobile device models.

“As smartphone design diversifies, biometrics are becoming an enabler for innovation and differentiation,” comments Ted Hansson, SVP Business Line Mobile at Fingerprints.

“It’s not easy to create a sensor this slim while retaining industry-leading biometric performance. We’ve got years of experience, R&D expertise and our advanced algorithms to give OEMs maximum design flexibility, and without compromise to security or functionality.”

Fingerprints expects the first smartphone using FPC1540 to be launched early 2020.

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