Intertek Cyber Assured: A cybersecurity product testing and certification program

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the launch of Cyber Assured, the first cybersecurity product testing and certification program, delivering a comprehensive certification solution for manufacturers and brands for their connected consumer products.

In today’s connected world, more products than ever, from home appliances to wearable consumer devices, are communicating with each other using technologies such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, or cellular IoT.

The growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought attractive opportunities for both manufacturers and consumers as emerging technologies means that IoT-enabled products and smart devices become more readily available.

As the IoT landscape becomes more sophisticated and the network of smart devices expands, vulnerabilities in new products are constantly emerging and companies are facing significant challenges in navigating this complex and ever-changing environment. Cybersecurity has become of critical importance to manage these risks.

Intertek’s Cyber Assured Certification is the first robust product cybersecurity testing and certification program that provides continuous vulnerability monitoring for connected consumer products.

It enables manufacturers to assess their products, improving the product’s cybersecurity, helping meet emerging regulatory requirements such as California SB327, and most importantly demonstrating to consumers that the product is secure, through the use of the Intertek Cyber Assured Mark and directory.

Certified products are continuously reassessed to ensure their safety against constantly evolving and emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Cyber Assured’s unique scanning process provides manufacturers the information needed to ‘patch’ software to maintain security, ensuring that a product remains secure over its entire lifetime, giving consumers greater peace of mind.

Intertek Cyber Assured certification is an end-to-end assurance solution that covers all three elements of IoT networks, going beyond simply testing the product to additionally cover web and mobile applications, and cloud services.

Tony Walker, Vice President Intertek Connected World stated: “Intertek has been a pioneer in cybersecurity testing, certification and assurance for more than three decades.

“The IoT revolution is bringing huge opportunities for our clients, and society in general, improving life in many ways. However, it also creates significant risks, of which many businesses have no previous experience, as well as new regulatory requirements like California IoT and EU GDPR.

“Bringing together Intertek’s cybersecurity expertise, other ‘connectivity’ services including cellular device testing, and our global product safety and compliance testing heritage, we are now able to offer the full suite of bespoke assurance services to allow our clients to launch successful, secure, connected products, and monitor their product’s security over its entire lifecycle.”

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