OpenNebula 5.10 is now available

OpenNebula 5.10, code-named “Boomerang”, is the sixth update release of the OpenNebula 5 series.

The ongoing development and evolution of OpenNebula has focused on targeting usability and functional improvements driven by the needs of its thousands of users, including industry leaders like BlackBerry, Akamai, Telefonica, Runtastic, CA Technologies, Hitachi Vantara, Booking and King, as well as research and supercomputing centers like Harvard University, FermiLab, European Space Agency and ETH Zürich.

As an enterprise-class product, OpenNebula offers a simple upgrade path to get to this most current version.

Version 5.10 “Boomerang” continues OpenNebula’s long-standing focus on providing the lightest and swiftest data center virtualization and cloud management platform on the market. There are several improvements to network performance, particularly through the enforcement of NFVs, as well as in offering support for Open vSwitch with DPDK.

And the newly-introduced NSX integration makes network virtualization much simpler for those with VMware infrastructure. Marked performance improvements are extended to VM resources with the introduction of NUMA and CPU pinning configurations.

And the OpenNebula API Hooks Subsystem has been given a fresh, new “makeover”, massively boosting the flexibility to manage events.

Several features in this version release support the advancement of OpenNebula extending to meet the needs at the Edge, and ultimately establishing the robust technology base for ONEedge – a distributed cloud management platform to build your private edge computing environment.

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