Webinar: How to secure complex, multi-cloud environments

Enterprises today are leveraging multiple clouds for the cost and scale benefits that cloud brings, but rapid adoption is creating new challenges for CISOs and their teams.

Webinar Multi-cloud security

As complexity increases across environments and applications, security teams struggle to maintain visibility of critical workloads and their dependencies. Without a way to understand application relationships across the environment, vulnerabilities become hard to manage and addressing risk becomes risky itself.

What you’ll learn

In this 30-minute webinar for CISOs, Security Engineers, Architects, and SOC Teams, learn how to gain the visibility and context necessary to properly secure multi-cloud applications. You’ll learn:

  • The complexities of application security in multi-cloud environments
  • How limited visibility increases cloud risk and exposure
  • How understanding application relationships provides critical context for security
  • How to turbocharge multi-cloud security with existing data sources


  • Fernando Montenegro, Principal Analyst at 451 Research & 20-year security industry veteran
  • Rich Noguera, VP of Security Services at vArmour & former CISO of Gap and Yapstone

The webinar is no longer available.

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