ClearDATA Comply: A SaaS solution for automated healthcare cloud compliance

ClearDATA, the leader in healthcare public cloud security, compliance and privacy, announced a new Software as a Service (SaaS) compliance management solution, ClearDATA Comply, that helps healthcare organizations monitor and manage their privacy and compliance obligations in the cloud.

ClearDATA Comply

Comply provides healthcare organizations direct access to the cloud with automated compliance and remediation, as well as a real-time compliance dashboard, facilitating rapid adoption of cloud services with peace of mind.

“Security and compliance are critical aspects of product innovation, especially in a regulated industry like healthcare,” said Darin Brannan, Chief Executive Officer of ClearDATA.

“By automating compliance in the cloud with ClearDATA Comply, we’ve brought a solution to market that effectively manages the lifecycle of compliance for wherever healthcare organizations are with their cloud strategy.”

Combined with ClearDATA’s cloud services expertise and deep understanding of complex healthcare compliance frameworks like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Comply is designed to streamline compliance by automatically enforcing technical controls according to different standards and regulations across multiple cloud services thereby achieving and maintaining a compliant posture.

The SaaS solution can detect and remediate non-compliant actions and its real-time reporting provides a single interface for organizations to monitor and prove their compliance status across all three public clouds.

Whether HIPAA, GDPR or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Comply removes the burden of manually deciphering, understanding, and managing regulations applicable to sensitive healthcare data management enabling healthcare developers to focus on innovation and quality patient care.

“Today’s healthcare companies demand the speed and flexibility of cloud-native technology in order to transform their organization to reduce overhead and improve patient outcomes. However, patient privacy and compliance can often be perceived as an inhibitor of innovation,” said Suhas Kelkar, Chief Product Officer at ClearDATA.

“With Comply, leading-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and other cloud technologies like those introduced at AWS re:Invent this week become more accessible to healthcare – mitigating risk in the background and automatically enforcing compliance.”

ClearDATA’s new SaaS solution provides transparency of compliance posture for healthcare organizations through the dashboard, showcasing multiple status reports – both in real-time and trend data. Today, Comply automates more than 100 technical controls.

In a 30-day period, that translates to an automated evaluation of over 100,000 assets and remediation of over 10,000 issues within commonly used Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services.

“With Comply in place, compliance is no longer a burden or an afterthought and demonstrates an efficient prioritization of patient privacy at the core of innovation,” continued Kelkar.

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