MemSQL 7.0: An all-in-one database for operational analytics and AI/ML-powered apps

MemSQL, the No-Limits DatabaseTM for operational analytics and cloud-native applications, announced the general availability of MemSQL 7.0, the most powerful version yet of the company’s all-in-one database for operational analytics and AI/ML-powered applications.

Available as a managed service in the cloud via MemSQL Helios or self-deployed in cloud, containers or on-premise, MemSQL 7.0 delivers several new advances in database architecture, including “SingleStore,” a breakthrough new way of managing data; enhanced system of record and resilience features that make MemSQL an even more trusted platform for Tier 1, mission-critical workloads; and time-series data management enhancements.


The addition of SingleStore functionality differentiates MemSQL from other operational data platforms because of its innovative and unique data architecture that seeks to eliminate data duplication, reduce complexity and cut total cost of ownership.

By bringing rowstore and columnstore tables together in a single database, SingleStore eliminates ETL and allows SQL queries to combine data from both types of tables. SingleStore offers the fastest possible performance, at the lowest possible cost, for transactional, analytical and hybrid workloads.

System of record/resilience

MemSQL 7.0 also introduces two new system of record features which strengthen resilience and allow database content to survive server and software failures: much faster sync replication (turned on by default) and incremental backup.

Being able to regularly back up recently changed data and replicate a synchronized copy of the data means that MemSQL can now be fully trusted for even the most critical system of record workloads.


New time-series enhancements make it even easier to manage this type of data. MemSQL 7.0 allows specification of queries to summarize time-series data with far fewer lines of code and fewer complex concepts. This makes expert SQL developers more productive and opens up the ability to query time-series data to less expert developers.

Total cost of ownership

From a business operations perspective, MemSQL 7.0 delivers superior total cost of ownership (TCO) both on-premise and in the cloud when compared to legacy database solutions from other providers.

Its speed, scale and performance make it a viable alternative for replacing traditional databases like Oracle Exadata and SAP Hana at a fraction of the cost. MemSQL’s unique architecture and high-performance query engine mean that many operational analytics workloads run with far less resource consumption, thereby generating significant cost savings.

“MemSQL is delivering a real impact for our organization by making real-time decisions and predictive analytics easier,” said Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, a non-profit organization focused on building technology to combat child sexual abuse.

“And, because it easily scales to support our machine learning and AI needs, MemSQL helps us continually build better tools to find victims of trafficking and sexual abuse, faster. It is a true case of technology being applied in a way that will make a real difference in people’s lives.”

“MemSQL 7.0 represents the most powerful solution yet for enterprises to ingest, process, analyze and act on data in real time. By becoming more data-driven, companies can better compete and succeed in today’s insight-driven economy,” said MemSQL Co-CEO Raj Verma.

“The new functionality we’ve added in this release provides our customers with more database firepower to modernize their applications and transform their businesses through operational analytics, machine learning and AI.”

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