Everbridge Smart Orchestration Cockpit helps IT orgs customize incident response

Everbridge, the global leader in Critical Event Management and recipient of the coveted IT Central Station Leader award, announced the introduction of its Smart Orchestration Cockpit.

The Smart Orchestration Cockpit allows IT organizations to build, execute and monitor their incident response workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The end-to-end, enterprise incident response solution streamlines processes, minimizes downtime, and accelerates resolution in a controlled, secure and predictable manner.

The Smart Orchestration Cockpit speeds up real-time IT assessment, agility and incident response time, with the mission of minimizing impact on business operations and customers during critical IT events while saving companies time and money. Orchestration Cockpit also brings a new array of capabilities to the Everbridge Enterprise IT Alerting solution.

The new Everbridge capability allows teams to proactively orchestrate the response to a wide variety of critical IT service disruptions and interruptions, including weather related events, power outages, datacenter outages, cyber-attacks, IT component failures, network outages, application latency, and change management related incidents.

Smart Orchestration seamlessly integrates with most IT management tools, including system monitoring, SIEM, APM, NPM, DevOps, event correlation tools, BCM, ITSM systems such as ServiceNow, Cherwell, and BMC Remedy, and collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx Teams to create true end-to-end cross-tool workflows.

Smart Orchestration Cockpit assimilates workflow elements such as IT processes, out-of-the-box IT application actions, conditional nodes, and human interactions to facilitate the digitization of proactive and corrective action plans.

“Digital transformation depends on IT transformation and, as such, requires superior levels of dialog and teamwork across IT functional teams, and between IT and the business it serves,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates.

“This is true across industry verticals and company size and suggests the need for a new kind of digital war room for the enterprise — one with superior levels of team awareness, tools and team integration for improved collaboration, response management and decision making. With its new Smart Orchestration technology, Everbridge takes a leadership role in addressing these requirements.”

The intelligent workflow automation engine and advanced machine learning algorithms of Everbridge’s Enterprise Incident Response solution enhances IT alerts and can help reduce an organization’s annual number of P1 and major incidents (MI). With proactive and automated incident response, P2, P1 and M1s can be addressed at an accelerated pace.

“To address the level of complex risk in today’s interconnected world, companies must employ IT incident management infrastructure with intuitive communication, collaboration, and orchestration – and this is precisely what Everbridge delivers with the Smart Orchestration Cockpit,” said Vick Vaishnavi, General Manager, IT Alerting and IoT at Everbridge.

“When a company’s brand, infrastructure, IT systems or people are at risk, the Smart Orchestration Cockpit can help mitigate damage to reputation, revenue, productivity, focus and customer service.”

The Smart workflows enable self-service configurability with built-in error handling, scenario handling and recovery so incident response processes can be continually optimized based on lessons learned and organizational best practices.

The underlying Cognitive Response Correlation and Sequencing technology helps improve response team efficiency by reducing confusion and the alert fatigue which can occur when multiple teams respond to different critical events which are, in fact, interrelated.

Beyond new innovations, Everbridge’s enterprise incident response solution continues to gain industry recognition, as the company has been named a Leader for IT alerting and incident management by IT Central Station.

IT Central Station is an independent source of online product reviews by professionals in the enterprise tech market, reaching close to 380,000 members and is considered the best resource for unbiased enterprise IT product and application information.

“Everbridge has earned the #1 Leader spot due to its high ratings from customers, in-depth reviews, and strong interest from tech buyers,” said Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO of IT Central Station.

“Tech professionals increasingly rely on authentic peer reviews to shortlist vendors and select the right solution. Everbridge has distinguished itself as a provider of IT alerting and incident management software that receives high ranks from its customers.”

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