Sunsa chooses InnoPhase to automate window blinds and make them smart

Sunsa, an innovator in home automation products, selected InnoPhase, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme low power wireless solutions and its award-winning Talaria TWO wireless chipset, to create the Sunsa Wand to automate window blinds and make them smart.

The Sunsa Wand is a motorized window blind adapter for consumer and commercial products and is slightly larger than a universal blind wand. It installs easily on existing blinds and uses Wi-Fi cloud connectivity to tilt blinds open and closed remotely.

The mobile phone app allows consumers to schedule when blinds open and close automatically, which can save them time, energy and money. And, all the electronics, motors and batteries are contained inside the Sunsa Wand’s slim form-factor – allowing users to upgrade to automatic blinds without changing their current room décor.

The Sunsa Wand integrates the Talaria TWO’s highly digital PolaRFusion radio architecture, delivering ultra-low current consumption for Wi-Fi idle-connected mode and meeting consumers’ lifetime and functionality thresholds with an expected 12+ months of battery life on four standard AA batteries.

It also maintains a “direct-to-cloud” internet connection without the need for an additional network hub.

“The groundbreaking capabilities and battery power savings of InnoPhase’s Talaria TWO made our product possible,” said Adam Zilberbaum, founder of Sunsa. “It surpassed our expectations by delivering a Wand with long battery life, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness while connecting directly into a consumer’s existing Wi-Fi networks.”

Talaria TWO enables a wide variety of customer applications such as the Sunsa Wand, smart locks, security cameras, smart speakers, voice assistants and remote sensors. Additionally, the Talaria Two chipset is gaining tremendous industry attention and validation.

ABI Research named InnoPhase as one of 10 innovators reshaping wireless connectivity while the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) selected the Talaria TWO wireless platform for a CES 2020 Innovation Award Nominee in the Embedded Technologies category.

The Talaria TWO wireless platform will be in mass production by March of 2020 with the Sunsa Wand being one of the first commercial products based on the technology.

“We are extremely excited about the upcoming Talaria TWO commercial launch and thrilled to have Sunsa as a lead production partner,” said Yang Xu, CEO of InnoPhase, Inc. “The market opportunity for the Sunsa Wand enabled with Talaria TWO is enormous.”

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