Benefit Vantage and 3 Hong Kong to deploy IPification mobile authentication solution

Benefit Vantage, developer of IPification seamless authentication solution, and leading mobile operator 3 Hong Kong, are proud to announce the deployment of IPification mobile authentication solution.

Leveraging 3 Hong Kong’s full network capabilities, IPification provides quick and easy user registration and login, as well as verification that requires minimal user interaction. Authentication can now be activated with a single tap, or run completely in the background, enabling zero-tap verification.

“Integrating our solution into 3 Hong Kong’s mobile network and providing the best mobile authentication technology to the Hong Kong market is an important milestone for us,” said Harry Cheung, Founder and President of IPification.

“With IPification, video and music streaming apps, banks, online retailers, gaming companies and other online service providers operating in Hong Kong can utilise the benefits of an authentication solution that is capable of simultaneously providing top-notch security, privacy protection, and exceptional user experience.”

“3 Hong Kong is pleased to be the first mobile operator in Hong Kong to bring the GSMA’s Mobile Connect compliant IPification solution to the market,” Kenny Koo, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, stated.

“As soon as app and service providers adopt this network-based authentication solution, 3 Hong Kong users will be able to enjoy highly secure authentication, identity and payment validation, anonymous login and seamless access to services from all connected devices with minimal interaction.

“At a corporate level, the new solution will also enable us to offer businesses across different industries a more secure, protected and convenient online transaction experience.”

Service providers can take advantage of IPification’s technology to enhance the registration flow, and improve login experience to achieve higher user retention, activity and loyalty. IPification also offers maximum protection against fraudulent activities, especially the ones related to device change and SIM swap attacks.

With the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the arrival of 5G network, people of Hong Kong will be more dependent on their mobile devices and apps than ever.

IPification is determined to forge seamless and secure mobile internet experience shoulder to shoulder with 3 Hong Kong, in order to support growing usage of these technologies and Hong Kong’s transformation into a smart city.

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