Osano​ automates data privacy for businesses

Osano​, a company building the first platform for data privacy transparency, has automated the compliance process for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A week into activation, the CCPA is already a notoriously contentious and dense set of laws.

By automating data privacy for businesses, Osano relieves the cognitive overhead on businesses and sets them up for a productive decade ahead.

Activated January 1, 2020, the CCPA enables California residents to demand the sharing or deletion of data held by businesses that meet certain revenue, data-sharing or sales thresholds. Non-compliant businesses face enforcement, fines and lawsuits.

Compliance, however, requires a level of data monitoring and governance unavailable to the average business—until Osano, recently awarded a $5.4M Series A round, launched the platform that solves the problem.

California’s regulations fill the gap created by lack of national privacy legislation

“The definition of personal information under the CCPA is broad,” said Osano Chief Privacy Officer Dennis Dayman. “Yet the lack of any other national privacy legislation has made the CCPA a de facto law of the land.

Most companies don’t understand how many elements can contain personal information on either a website or an app. At Osano, we live and breathe data privacy, and have created a platform that removes the onus of governance so that business leaders can do what they do best—run the company.”

Already established internationally as a safeguard for GDPR compliance, Osano automatically monitors all of a business’s data across websites. The world’s first objective data set to measure privacy practices is baked into the platform’s workflow.

Users can automatically vet the quality of data vendors, manage and track consent, display notices and meet the other requirements of the CCPA.

Serving more than 2 billion consents per month across 75,000 websites, Osano is the most popular cookie consent solution on the planet and is quickly growing into the leader in data privacy governance as well.

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