HiveIO updates Hive Fabric with added data protection, backup to the cloud, and app insights

HiveIO announced version 8.0 of Hive Fabric, an intelligent virtualization solution that provides high-performing, scalable technology that removes complexity in the data center and delivers a seamless IT experience.

The new version provides protection for virtual machines (VMs) and user data with its Disaster Recovery (DR) capability by seamlessly integrating with cloud storage.

Hive Fabric 8.0 also incorporates advanced business intelligence (BI) tools into Hive Sense – a capability that proactively notifies HiveIO of an issue within a customer environment – to provide valuable insight to applications and resource utilization.

“With 8.0, we deliver a powerful disaster recovery solution capable of replicating VMs and user data to cloud-based storage such as Amazon S3, providing even more flexibility to our customers,” said Toby Coleridge, HiveIO Chief Product Officer.

“Other enhancements seen in 8.0 were a direct result of user feedback, as more and more of our customers are requesting business insights and automation. With 8.0, we can meet that market need.”

The new features of Hive Fabric 8.0 include:

  • Data protection: In the event of a disaster, Hive Fabric 8.0 provides customers with the ability to back-up their storage locally or to a cloud provider platform, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Integrating with cloud-based storage provides organizations with a new level of agility and time saved on data protection.
  • Hive Sense – Business insight: Through increased visibility into the customer’s IT infrastructure, administrators can now analyze their application environment for license inefficiencies by monitoring how various applications are being used, without additional third-party products. For example, a customer can track how many licenses are actually being used for a specific application, leading to potential savings in overall licensing costs.
  • User interface: HiveIO analyzed how current users operated their Hive Fabric user interface (UI) to launch an updated version in 8.0. To further improve the end-user admin experience, operations have been increasingly simplified and real-time information and virtual desktop insights are now shown through the administrator’s dashboard. This update in visibility allows customers to spend more time on the work that matters to them and their audiences, tending to patients, educating students, and developing new solutions for their business.

Hive Fabric 8.0 continues to build upon the artificial intelligence-ready solution that enables organizations to deploy virtualization technology without unnecessary vendor complexity or the need for costly specialists.

“Moving our virtual server and desktop environment from VMware to Hive Fabric dramatically simplifies the administration for our IT team. The single web-based interface allows us to gain insight to how our users work and what applications they are running,” said Dave Gartside, IT Director at Solihull College & University Centre.

“We are especially excited to see the integration with cloud storage, which provides us with more agility and a cost-effective solution for Disaster Recovery.”

Hive Fabric enables users to deploy virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage in a single install, eliminating the need for a multi-vendor and multi-contract approach.

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