Kindite unveils beta version to protect data even when leaked

Kindite, a Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity company that creates Zero-Trust Environments to protect data in the cloud, has launched a beta version allowing IT and security teams to have a new level of control over their cloud environment.

Kindite allows encryption keys to be kept on-prem or in a trusted environment while allowing the processing of encrypted data in the cloud. Data that is leaked, stolen, compromised, or mistakenly exposed on a cloud-based server or between the endpoints is illegible.

2019 averaged 2,244 cyberattacks daily. These attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and painfully damaging, taking a staggering 206 days for companies to recognize that a breach has occurred. In 2019, it costs an average of $3.91 million to recover from a breach resulting in financial loss, regulatory fines, and reputational damage.

Working with companies who protect data being transferred around the world, Maor Cohen, CEO of Kindite knows, “When considering a data breach in your company, the question is not if but when.” Said Cohen “Our solution allows for the processing of data over the cloud without decryption, allowing for easy deployment and maintenance without the need to share sensitive encryption keys.”

Many of today’s cybersecurity solutions are designed for specific environments but fall short when scaling data on a global level. Companies that rely on multi-cloud environments, where numerous applications are collaborating on enormous sets of data, may not realize that their information is fragmented across multiple regions.

These fragments are less protected, opening organizations to vulnerabilities and exponentially increasing their potential for a breach.

Investing in Cybersecurity companies who are committed to protecting companies against this rising crime, Elron & RDC invested in Kindite during it’s $4 million seed round.

“We recognized early on that Kindite is uniquely suited to protect against complicated attacks with a simple to use platform that keeps IT and security teams in control.

“The ability to offer access to specific documents on an as-needed basis and process encrypted data offsite is absolutely necessary for today’s environment.” Said Zohar Rozenberg, VP of Cyber Investments at Elron.

Working with Kindite to advance their offerings, Eran Brown has joined the advisory board, providing insight into his private and public sector experience. Prior to his role as EMEA CTO at Infinidat, Eran worked in multiple industries such as telecom, finance, and high-performance computing.

His vast experience offers a deep understanding of enterprise security, helping Kindite to create solutions that directly address client concerns and needs. An example of this is how Kindite helps companies to work within the limits of regional regulations by allowing data processing to occur off-shore while remaining encrypted.

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