NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server now supports 2FA through a web interface

NCP engineering released version 5.30 of the Secure Enterprise Management Server (SEM), a central component of the NCP Next Generation Network Access Technology that serves as a single point of administration.

NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server

Using this technology, companies can manage their remote access network conveniently from a central location rather than relying on a multitude of isolated applications. In version 5.30, administrators and users can benefit from the new NCP Authenticator App for generating Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP), a web interface, and a configuration tool for Linux.

With the NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server version 5.30, a Time-based One-time Password generated through the NCP Authenticator App can be used as an alternative to NCP’s Advanced Authentication via SMS as a second factor. The NCP Authenticator can generate passcodes using the TOTP procedure directly on a smartphone without the need for an Internet connection. For additional security, QR Codes generated by NCP management can force biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) to start the NCP Authenticator. The new NCP Authenticator App is available for mobile devices as a free download in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

The new NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server also provides two-factor authentication through a web interface. This web interface enables users to add a VPN account in their smartphone app for two-factor authentication when establishing a VPN tunnel. The necessary information can be imported via a QR code or by clicking on a link in the smartphone’s web browser on iOS or Android (the latter if the web interface is accessed directly from the smartphone).

“Secure data communication is one of the most important foundations of the business world,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “The NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server can securely and efficiently manage an organization’s remote access VPN network from a single point of administration, even as the organization grows and the number of users and/or endpoint devices increases.”

In version 5.30, a text-based configuration tool is available under Linux, which facilitates the commissioning of the NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server after installation. It enables the configuration of database connections, the starting and stopping of services, and the configuration of the operation mode. Additionally, MariaDB Connector is included in the scope of delivery to facilitate the configuration of the NCP Management database connection.

NCP’s Secure Enterprise Management consists of a management server and a management console with a graphical user interface. The management server is used for configuring and managing all NCP components connected to it. This applies to both the NCP Secure Enterprise Clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux as well as the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Servers. The rollout of a large number of users or a software update can be completed fast and securely.

NCP’s Endpoint Security/Network Access Control Plug-in checks all security-relevant parameters of the end devices before they access the company network. This includes checking the status of virus scanners, service information, certificate contents, and software versions. Compliance with the security policy is mandatory and cannot be manipulated by the user. If the security requirements are not met, users are directed to a quarantine zone, if configured.

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