Entrust Datacard eliminates employee passwords and accelerates secure customer onboarding

Entrust Datacard announced two new high-assurance offerings for the company’s unified authentication management platform: Passwordless Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication to improve workforce security and productivity, and Identity Proofing with fully digital identity verification for accelerated customer acquisition and onboarding.

As digital transformation, cloud deployments and mobile initiatives make communication, data storage and remote workstyles simpler, employees and customers around the world expect security features to follow suit, without compromising user experiences. The latest Entrust Datacard authentication solutions both increase high-assurance security and simplify user experiences.

Entrust Datacard’s Passwordless SSO Authentication solution turns employee smartphones into biometrics-protected virtual smart cards that allow instant proximity-based login to both workstations and applications. The solution creates a frictionless authentication experience, eliminating passwords and putting an end to the risk of bad actors stealing user credentials and compromising critical information.

Taking passwordless login to an SSO experience removes the friction of individual registrations and logins for each device, allowing employees to work across devices and applications – cloud-based and on-premises. The solution improves workforce productivity by enabling employees to securely conduct their work activities – email signing, file encryption, document signing, and more – from their office or remote location without the need to upgrade their hardware or operating system.

Entrust Datacard’s new Identity Proofing solution lets banks, hospitals, government agencies and other customer and citizen-facing organizations offer customers a simple, seamless onboarding experience, either inside or outside physical locations. With Identity Proofing, customers use their smartphones or a kiosk to capture their images and scan government-issued identity documents – such as a driver’s license, passport or national ID card – for fast, AI-based authentication and verification.

Once authenticated and verified, the user can complete their account application securely. This minimizes abandoned account applications, cuts onboarding time from multiple days to minutes and has the potential to reduce an organization’s onboarding costs from hundreds of dollars per account to single digits. The fully digital Identity Proofing solution supports compliance with regional regulations, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in the United States, and PSD2 in Europe.

“Digital transformation is driving the demand for authentication that is both incredibly easy and highly secure – features once thought incompatible,” said James LaPalme, VP and GM of Authentication at Entrust Datacard. “By delivering passwordless SSO authentication, enterprises can eliminate passwords and transform the employee experience, while increasing privacy and data security. Similarly, our Identity Proofing solution creates a truly digital customer onboarding experience, streamlining and automating what has until now been a costly, manual and less-secure process behind the scenes.”

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