Elastic and Defending Digital Campaigns to prevent 2020 election interference

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, is excited to announce that it will offer free monitored Elastic Endpoint Security to 2020 presidential and congressional campaigns in partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns.

Elastic has partnered with Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), a non-partisan organization that provides low- and no-cost security products and services to federal campaigns to help defend them from cyberattacks and election interference.

Elastic is proud to deliver a monitored Elastic Endpoint Security solution, supported by members of the Elastic Security team.

“Campaigns have faced two significant barriers as they seek to better secure themselves from cyber threats: the high cost of quality cybersecurity products and the experience to organize an effective security strategy.

“The DDC helps them quickly overcome both, removing cost and expertise as barriers to security and allowing campaign staff to focus on what they do best,” said Devon Kerr, Intelligence & Analytics Team Lead, Elastic Security.

The DDC enables security vendors to provide products and services directly to campaigns, in addition to facilitating information sharing. The US Federal Election Commission uniquely allows the DDC to help campaigns receive these capabilities due to their somber non-partisan commitment.

“Increasing the cybersecurity defenses of political campaigns is one the most critical elements of protecting our democracy. Defending Digital Campaigns, with a mission to make campaigns more cybersecure, is proud to partner with Elastic Security on making endpoint protection, a core cybersecurity service, widely available to campaigns,” said Michael Kaiser, President and CEO, Defending Digital Campaigns.

The Elastic Security team aren’t strangers to the challenge of securing presidential campaigns, and have spent the past year assisting some candidates in the early stages of the 2020 US election.

Elastic’s partnership with DDC enables Elastic Security to achieve an even greater scale and impact, applying security expertise and technology to assist candidates running for the US Senate, House of Representatives, and the office of the US President.

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