RSA Archer SaaS: An integrated approach to managing risk

RSA, a global cybersecurity leader delivering Business-Driven Security solutions to help organizations manage digital risk, is now offering RSA Archer SaaS (software as a service) for customers seeking to implement the RSA Archer Suite in the cloud.

RSA Archer SaaS

This offering provides organizations with the speed and agility of an integrated approach to managing risk delivered with flexibility and scalability needed to navigate digital transformation and protect against loss while supporting strategic growth.

As organizations continue down the path of digital transformation, they not only see the benefits of expanded use of technology, but also encounter consequences of extending technology deep into parts of their business that haven’t traditionally been ‘digital.’

Processes or operations that have been more ‘analog’ or manual, are suddenly prone to impacts such as cybersecurity or IT risks around business continuity. Expanded use of big data or a desire to connect digitally with consumers brings enhanced customer experience and may come with implications around data privacy or new compliance requirements.

Effectively managing these digital risks enables organizations to mitigate the threats to business operations and more importantly, increase the speed and confidence with which they transform their business.

“The RSA Archer Suite helps organizations at any stage in their risk management maturity journey to more effectively and efficiently manage risk as they strive to keep up in today’s hyperconnected world,” said David Walter, Vice President, RSA Archer.

“RSA Archer SaaS can help reduce the time and resources dedicated to on-premise platform upgrades, patches, and maintenance activities, as well as enable customers to focus on maturing and expanding their integrated risk management programs.

“The velocity and innovation behind RSA Archer SaaS will allow us to accelerate value for our customers with a seamless, smart and secure platform.”

RSA Archer SaaS enables organizations to leverage the flexibility, availability, and scalability of the cloud, coupled with the depth and breadth of the RSA Archer Suite, to comprehensively and proactively manage risk.

With RSA Archer SaaS, organizations can quickly implement RSA Archer solutions and lower their total cost of ownership by removing operational burden and expenditures for capital hardware and ongoing IT-related activities.

Key benefits of RSA Archer SaaS include:

  • Quick time to value with the ability to stand up an instance in days/hours
  • Flexibility and scalability of the cloud to support organizations’ changing integrated risk management (IRM) and business requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster access to the latest RSA Archer features and functionality
  • Mission-critical resiliency and committed SLA

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