esCLOUD extends managed detection and response to cloud platforms

eSentire announced the availability of esCLOUD. This comprehensive portfolio extends eSentire’s industry-leading MDR capabilities and elite threat hunting expertise for on-premises to modern cloud environments.


Technical preview of esCLOUD will begin at the end of February with general availability at the end of March. The esCLOUD portfolio will include support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Office 365 with support for Google G Suite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Dropbox and Box to follow this year.

Cloud platforms accelerate the use of new technologies and services, enabling IT to move at the speed of business. This has created yet another level of security complexity and risk as cloud extends the attack surface beyond traditional security controls. Cloud adoption is resulting in significant volumes of business-critical data moving to the cloud, but often without the protections that were in place in traditional enterprise environments.

Rapid development and deployment in the cloud means that simple configuration errors can lead to the exposure of large volumes of sensitive data. esCLOUD constantly monitors customer cloud environments to detect improper configurations and vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss and compromise. Automated policy enforcement, combined with response and remediation from eSentire’s expert security analysts, ensures that customers can operate in the cloud with confidence.

esCLOUD for IaaS

For customers who have a cloud-native or hybrid cloud network infrastructure, esCLOUD for IaaS will provide real-time detection, response and containment capabilities for threats, misconfiguration, network anomalies and adherence to compliance standards.

esCLOUD for SaaS

esCLOUD for SaaS expands the use of esLOG+ to ingest logs from SaaS environments. eSentire’s proprietary investigative logic alerts the security analysts in the eSentire SOC when threats are found.

C.J. Spallitta, Chief Product Officer, eSentire, said: “esCLOUD, backed by our elite threat hunters in our 24×7 Security Operations Centers, gives our customers peace of mind that their increasing adoption of cloud service has the critical visibility and rapid response to threats that will keep their business secure.”

Michael Guenzler, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, Venerable, said: “Cloud is essential to meet the demands needed to grow our business. We will build upon our existing relationship with eSentire and the robust cybersecurity capabilities they provide to continue to mitigate threats across our growing cloud footprint.”

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