Factbook: Healthcare IT practices and cyber preparedness

In 2019, at least 10 hospitals turned away patients due to a compromised ability to deliver care following cyber attacks. Less dramatically, in 2019 the industry suffered a record 40-plus million breached medical records. That’s close to 3X as many breached records as were tallied in 2018, which itself represented a 3X increase over 2017.

Healthcare IT practices cyber preparedness

As we enter the twenty-twenties, healthcare has separated from the pack and is, by a wide margin, the most cyber-targeted industry. In fact, the healthcare industry plays host to roughly 70% of all US data breaches. And the more sophisticated the attack, the stronger the apparent preference for targeting healthcare organizations. For example, nearly 80% of ransomware attacks target healthcare.

In total, cyber insecurity cost the healthcare industry an estimated $4 billion in 2019; a bank-breaking figure to be sure, but perhaps not surprising when you consider the fact that healthcare organizations hit by hackers spend an average of $1.4 million in recovery costs alone!

The information and statistics in this factbook are pulled from a variety of sources including from CyberMDX field statistics, anonymized metadata extracted from the CyberMDX solution, original market research and third-parties.

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