SecBI XDR Platform: Continuous and automated threat detection, investigation and response

With cyber criminals using multiple attack vectors to reach their targets, SecBI, a disruptive player in cyber defense, announced the launch of its XDR Platform, designed for continuous and automated threat detection, investigation and response on all attack vectors, with a Fortune 500 company among its first customers.

Given multiple network vulnerabilities, organizations must unify their detection and response security controls throughout all attack vectors. SecBI’s newly released XDR platform takes a multi-vector approach, applying a proactive layer of machine learning-based analytics across all endpoint, network, and cloud security tools.

By intelligently unifying and synchronizing “X” sources of data and alerts from security controls such as EPP/EDR, security gateways, SIEM, and SOAR, the SecBI XDR delivers better, faster threat detection with smart automated response to organizations’ security teams.

To promote this multi-vector approach, SecBI is also unveiling its Technology Partner Program (TPP) for vendors to offer an XDR Platform. Joining SecBI’s TPP enables vendors to extend their solutions’ coverage, and offer end-to-end defense with consolidated data, visible through a single pane of glass.

With this wider, synchronized range of security controls available to their customers, participating vendors will benefit from opening new markets and increasing revenue.

“Given SecBI’s domain expertise, launching an XDR Platform, encompassing the full range of attack vectors, was a natural extension for us,” said Gilad Peleg, CEO, SecBI.

“Every day we hear of another stealthy, low and slow attack costing organizations dearly to mitigate the damages. By offering an XDR platform to the wider ecosystem, we are confident that truly effective, cyber defense is within everyone’s grasp.”

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