BestCrypt by Jetico expands cross-platform protection to computers with T2 chip

Jetico, long-trusted pioneer in data encryption, announced support for Mac computers with a T2 security chip. With this update, BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition becomes the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise encryption software for Windows and macOS.

“Native OS encryption tools might be an easy way to get started with data protection. Yet there’s a critical limitation. Their security is bound to only some versions of a single operating system,” states Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman.

“BestCrypt is already proven to run on more Windows versions than native BitLocker. Now we expand our cross-platform protection to all editions of Mac.”

The latest version of BestCrypt Volume Encryption applies FileVault, macOS native encryption, for Apple File System (APFS) volumes on computers with a T2 chip. Jetico offers the world’s only OS agnostic encryption tool, still used for all other volumes to ensure cross compatibility, especially when handling removable drives.

Waksman continues, “Lost and stolen removable drives is one of the main causes of data breaches. Encryption overcomes this risk. Yet managing and accessing encrypted data on USB drives can be challenging – available computers don’t always support the same encryption tool.”

Waksman focuses on the user benefit claiming, “With this BestCrypt update, Jetico proudly delivers an independent solution to improve security while also boosting productivity. As always, our goal is to provide painless encryption that works the way you do.”

Jetico Central Manager (JCM), part of BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition, also includes:

  • Remote management of FileVault encryption from a web-based console
  • Status reports on encryption and policy compliance
  • Recovery keys for FileVault automatically stored in JCM encrypted database

For added convenience, BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition can also run in the cloud, empowering Admins to control all disk encryption activities from anywhere without needing to configure and maintain a dedicated server.

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