Kingston Digital launches DC1000M, a new U.2 data center NVMe PCIe SSD

Kingston Digital, the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, announced the availability of DC1000M, a new U.2 data center NVMe PCIe SSD.

DC1000M is designed to support a wide range of data-intensive enterprise workloads, including Cloud computing, web hosting, high-performance computing (HPC), virtual infrastructures, artificial intelligence and deep learning applications.

DC1000M joins the recently released DC1000B NVMe boot drive, the VMware Ready DC500 series SATA SSDs and DC450R to form the most complete range of superior enterprise-class data center storage solutions in the market.

“Mission critical services and Cloud-based applications depend not only on lightning-fast IOPS and bandwidth, but also on the consistency and predictability of the data being serviced,” said Keith Schimmenti, enterprise SSD business manager, Kingston.

“DC1000M provides the stability and low latency for the evolving data center, while powering the workloads that require one drive write per day (1 DWPD) endurance.”

DC1000M is an affordable and powerful NVMe drive for data centers. Customers looking to make the leap from SATA/SAS SSDs to NVMe will enjoy the similarities in implementation, but with much faster data rates and lower latency.

The drive features high-storage capacity and best in-class enterprise performance. DC1000M offers a high-performance Gen 3.0 x4 NVMe PCIe interface, enabling high throughput and low latency on standardized platforms, delivering up to 540K IOPS of random read performance and over 3GB/s of throughput.

DC1000M is built to strict QoS requirements to ensure predictable random IO performance, as well as predictable latencies over a wide range of server workloads.

The widely accepted U.2 (2.5″) form factor design works seamlessly with the latest generation servers and storage arrays utilizing PCIe and U.2 backplanes. It’s hot pluggable, which makes the challenges of serviceable PCIe storage an issue of the past.

Additionally, the drive includes enterprise-class features such as end-to-end data path protection, power-loss protection (PLP) and telemetry monitoring for increased data center reliability.

DC1000M is available in 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB and 7.68TB capacities; and, is backed by a limited five-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

DC1000M SSD features & specifications

  • Data center NVMe performance: Incredible I/O consistency with speeds of up to 3GB/s and up to 540K IOPS.
  • Enterprise-class mixed-use storage: An exceptional balance of consistent I/O delivery with high read and write IOPS performance to manage a wide range of transactional workloads.
  • Reduce application latencies: Quality of Service (QoS) delivers ultra-low transactional latency for large data sets and various web-based applications.
  • On-board power loss protection (PLP): Enterprise-class protection to reduce possibility of data loss or corruption on ungraceful power fails.
  • Form factor: U.2, 2.5″ x 15mm
  • Interface: NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x4
  • Capacities: 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB
  • NAND: 3D TLC
  • Latency: TYP Read/Write: <300 µs / <1 ms
  • Static and dynamic wear leveling: Yes
  • Power loss protection (power caps): Yes
  • Enterprise SMART tools: Reliability tracking, usage statistics, SSD life remaining, wear leveling, temperature
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C
  • Dimensions:100.09mm x 69.84mm x 14.75mm
  • Weight: 160(g)
  • Vibration operating: 2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)
  • Vibration non-operating: 20G Peak (10–2000Hz)
  • MTBF: 2 million hours
  • Warranty/support:Limited 5-year warranty with free technical support
  • Sequential read/write:
    • 960GB – 3,100MBs/1,330MBs
    • 1.92TB – 3,100MBs/2,600MBs
    • 3.84TB – 3,100MBs/2,700MBs
    • 7.68TB – 3,100MBs/2,800MBs
  • Steady-state 4k read/write:
    • 960GB – 400,000/125,000 IOPS
    • 1.92TB – 540,000/205,000 IOPS
    • 3.84TB – 525,000/210,000 IOPS
    • 7.68TB – 485,000/210,000 IOPS
  • Endurance:
    • 960GB — (1 DWPD/5yrs)
    • 1.92TB — (1 DWPD/5yrs)
    • 3.84TB — (1 DWPD/5yrs)
    • 7.68TB — (1 DWPD/5yrs)
  • Power consumption:
    • 960GB: Idle: 5.14W Average Read: 5.25W Average Write: 9.10W Max Read: 5.64W Max Write: 9.80W
    • 1.92TB: Idle: 5.22W Average Read: 5.31W Average Write: 13.1W Max Read: 5.70W Max Write: 13.92W
    • 3.84TB: Idle: 5.54W Average Read: 5.31W Average Write: 14.69W Max Read: 6.10W Max Write: 15.5W
    • 7.68TB: Idle: 5.74W Average Read: 5.99W Average Write: 17.06W Max Read: 6.63W Max Write: 17.88W


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