IDERA expands portfolio of cloud-based database and workload management solutions for SQL Server

IDERA, a provider of powerful database productivity tools, announced an expanded portfolio of cloud-based database and workload management solutions for SQL Server. These solutions empower organizations to manage the performance and availability of cloud and traditional databases in a single tool.

IDERA’s cloud database tools help users answer essential questions before, during, and after SQL Server deployment. This includes how to minimize performance issues and high costs, determine what types of data to store and how sensitive those data types are, reduce sprawl and avoid security breaches, and leverage databases and data in the cloud more effectively.

These capabilities make it easy for organizations to manage inventory, security, configuration, disaster recovery, performance, migration, data, and data models of databases on physical and virtual machines, and in the cloud.

IDERA’s cloud tools portfolio includes:

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager to monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on SQL Server availability, health, and performance with cloud-specific metrics.
  • SQL Compliance Manager to identify sensitive data, stop potential threats, and pass audits for SQL Server.
  • ER/Studio to manage data models and data architecture with extensive support for cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift and Azure SQL Database.
  • SQL Inventory Manager to automatically discover, track, and manage SQL Server inventory and perform health checks, including SQL Server in the cloud.
  • Aqua Data Studio to manage databases, queries, and data, and visually analyze data with extensive support for cloud databases, including Snowflake Google BigQuery.
  • SQL Doctor to tune SQL Server performance, security, and disaster recovery with cloud-specific expert recommendations.
  • SQL Safe Backup to manage and monitor automatic backup and restore, including instant recovery from backup files with support for SQL Server in the cloud.
  • SQL Comparison Toolset to migrate schema and data across environments and SQL Server editions and versions, including SQL Server in the cloud.
  • SQL Secure to identify vulnerabilities, harden security policies, rank security levels, and analyze user permissions for SQL Server with cloud-specific analysis.

Each of these tools works transparently with on-premises and cloud-hosted databases, and provides enterprise-level scalability for hybrid and cloud configurations.

“Our goal is to help organizations save on software purchases, reduce the learning curve, minimize deployment time, and maximize return on investment,” said Rob Reinauer, director of SQL Server product management at IDERA.

“Our products go well beyond what native and free tools can provide. No matter what the cloud configuration, IDERA offers multiple products to ease the burden of accessing and managing cloud database environments.”

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