Zettaset launches software-only encryption solution for containers

Zettaset, a leading provider of software-defined encryption solutions, announced Zettaset XCrypt Container Encryption for Docker Enterprise from Mirantis, a software-only encryption solution for containers.

Designed to protect containers from data theft in any physical or virtual environment, the new solution enables organizations running Docker Enterprise environments to seamlessly secure data within containers through encryption with little-to-no impact on performance or business velocity.

The enterprise adoption of containers continues to grow exponentially. The technology’s significant market traction is due in large part to the countless benefits containers provide – including portability, performance, scalability and more.

While adoption is on the rise, many organizations have expressed the hesitancy of implementation due to security-related concerns, such as the ability to successfully secure data stored within container environments.

In fact, a recent survey from StackRox found that 94 percent of respondents have experienced security incidents in their container environments in the past 12 months.

“As organizations around the globe increasingly adopt containers to boost developer productivity and accelerate time to market, many require data security within containers to safeguard sensitive information and comply with data privacy and security mandates,” said Dave Van Everen, SVP Marketing, Mirantis.

“Zettaset XCrypt Container Encryption provides Docker Enterprise customers the comprehensive encryption across containerized environments they need to protect private customer and enterprise data for cloud-native applications.”

Zettaset XCrypt Container Encryption is a first-of-its-kind, software-defined encryption solution that protects containers from data theft. Purpose-built for Docker Enterprise infrastructure to function with near-zero latency, the new solution supports even the most demanding deployment requirements across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Zettaset’s software-defined solution offers high-performance encryption to transparently protect containers, without the need for new hardware or specialized encryption expertise.

To ensure the most comprehensive encryption for organizations leveraging Docker Enterprise to enable enterprise-grade container orchestration, Zettaset XCrypt Container encryption offers developers:

  • Transparent integration into container software through Zettaset’s volume driver
  • Required services running in containers, including key manager, certificate authority and license server
  • The automated management of host storage
  • A dedicated volume group that is allocated for each container volume
  • Container volumes that are cryptographically tied to containers.

“Our software-defined encryption solution is setting the standard for data security within today’s enterprise environments,” said Tim Reilly, CEO, Zettaset.

“We’re seeing digital transformation initiatives increase in their adoption rates across all industries. DevOps plays an essential role for any organization’s success in this pursuit, and containers are critical for executing on these initiatives.

“With our ability to encrypt sensitive data stored within containers, we’re removing a significant security impediment for greater adoption. Our customers, regardless of size, can operate with little-to-no impact on performance and most importantly, prioritize security without sacrificing agility or overall innovation.”

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