SecZetta and Focal Point provide clients with a 360° view of third-party identity and lifecycle management

SecZetta, the leading provider of third-party identity management solutions, and Focal Point, a leading cybersecurity services provider, announced a new solution integrator partnership.

Together, SecZetta and Focal Point provide clients with a 360° view of third-party identity and lifecycle management, placed into the context of their broader IAM and risk management practices.

Industry-wide, organizations are granting growing and increasingly diverse populations of non-employees such as vendors, partners, contractors, freelancers, bots, service accounts, and others with access to facilities, systems, and data once almost exclusively reserved for employees.

However, most organizations do not have good systems in place to manage the dynamic relationships they have with non-employees, instead relying on inefficient and ineffective manual processes that often lead to over-provisioning, compliance and audit nightmares, orphaned accounts, and ultimately greater risk exposure.

“As a provider of best-in-class services for data and risk management, Focal Point’s consulting services, in conjunction with SecZetta’s non-employee solutions, will empower customers to utilize third-party resources to support their business strategies while at the same time meeting compliance requirements and reducing third-party risk,” said Jeremy Rohrs, VP of global alliances and business development, SecZetta.

“Partnering with an industry leader like Focal Point supports our growth in an evolving and increasingly demanding enterprise market and reflects our continued commitment to expand our partner network.”

“Many of the most innovative companies are taking an identity-centric approach to cybersecurity, and that includes managing the identities of third-parties and non-employees.

“Focal Point has taken a leading role in designing and implementing these forward-looking identity programs, and we’re proud to partner with SecZetta today to add managing the identities of third parties and non-employees to our capabilities in this space,” said Buck Bell, Executive Vice President of Technology Integration services at Focal Point.

“By adding SecZetta’s suite of non-employee solutions to our portfolio, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to bringing best-of-breed technology to our clients and delivering complete solutions to the challenges of modern identity and access management.”

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