Whitepaper: Cloud security risks and how to mitigate them

Cloud security today is touted as better than ever. So how do we explain the ever-increasing number of data breaches?

whitepaper cloud security risks

According to Cloud Security Risks & How to Mitigate Them<, the disconnect occurs from a shared security model. Cloud Service Providers protect the datacenter, but customers are responsible for safeguarding their own data, and focus is shifting from the provider to the customer. To reduce risks, cloud customers must take charge of data security. This is no small feat as many are in a period of transition and facing a wide range of threats.

  • Insufficient access management and account hijacking
  • System misconfiguration
  • Emerging technologies, like AI and machine learning
  • And more

This resource looks at what’s holding them back, the impact of data privacy regulations, and the growing importance of cloud security training and certifications.

This whitepaper is no longer available.

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