Datadobi DobiMigrate 5.8: Enhancing integrity reporting of migrations via end-to-end chain of custody

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data migration software, unveiled DobiMigrate 5.8, with enhanced chain of custody that, by default, proves every document, file, or electronic object is an exact copy of its counterpart on the source system at the time of cutover. This allows organizations to move or merge unstructured data between platforms–in the cloud or on-premises.

With the introduction of an increasing number of data protection measures to maintain the integrity and security of customer’s data (such as GDPR), many organizations are faced with strict rules that enforce confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic information.

Deploying the chain of custody functionality under a default ‘opt-in’ model, as it is in DobiMigrate 5.8, provides data protection for customers by both default and design.

DobiMigrate 5.8 provides IT professionals, legal teams, and compliance officers, as well as the C-suite with the knowledge that the integrity of their filesystem data will be fully preserved throughout a migration process.

“With the enhanced chain of custody in 5.8 we look forward to the continued precision tracking of each object being migrated, and the complete confidence we can have in its integrity when it arrives at its destination,” said Jordan McQuown, VP of technology at George Jon.

“Knowing we would be able to compare a hash taken at the beginning to a second one taken at the end, was one of the two core considerations in selecting DobiMigrate as our software of choice for the billions of files our team migrated in 2019.

“Moving forward we are pleased in knowing the software’s functional evolution is aligned with our client requirements and hence we will continue to leverage this critical software in pursuit of ongoing eDiscovery perfection.”

The importance of these additional features are illustrated in a recent survey of general counsel and compliance officers conducted by AlixPartners, which showed that more than 90% of in-house lawyers found data security and information governance to be key issues that have impacted their organizations over the last two years. Also notably, litigation cases around data privacy and protection have tripled in the same time span.

“For ten years we’ve stayed ahead of the market and satisfied customer requirements by updating our features and capabilities to solve the migration issues that aren’t being solved by any other provider,” said Carl D’Halluin, CTO of Datadobi.

“The enhanced chain of custody in this release builds data protection into the system or process during the entire lifecycle with chronological documentation that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of the object. This gives our customers confidence in the integrity of any electronic object throughout a migration, from source to target.”

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