Ivanti Assistants: Enabling endpoint self-healing capabilities

Ivanti, the company that unifies IT to better manage and secure the digital workplace, announced the expansion of its growing portfolio of enterprise service management (ESM) solutions with the launch of Ivanti Assistants which enable endpoint self-healing capabilities.

Designed to automate detection and remediation of a range of IT issues impacting users, the new suite of automation bots helps ease the burden on service management and helpdesk teams while also enabling those teams to proactively connect with end users, fixing issues that would otherwise have been unreported or ignored.

“Ivanti Assistants are a new family of cloud-based automation bots that provide endpoint self-healing capabilities and give IT organizations their very own 24/7 virtual support team,” said Ian Aitchison, senior product director at Ivanti.

“These powerful, automation bots allow IT service desks to do what was never thought possible before – proactively monitor, identify and automatically fix endpoint issues before users even know they are there.

“Additionally, Assistants also enable IT to proactively reach out to help end users who might not typically contact IT when faced with a service interruption. It’s a win-win for IT organizations everywhere that struggle to both enable automation and improve the human relationship, while addressing the individual and diverse needs of end users in a timely manner.”

Ivanti currently offers four Ivanti Assistants, each focused on maintaining a high level of service to their individual areas of end user IT expertise: security and compliance, business continuity, user productivity and resource optimization.

Each Assistant runs through a series of regularly scheduled checks across an organization’s endpoints to determine where end users are experiencing challenges. These include common issues such as lengthy login times, application errors or lack of required security settings.

Each Assistant also has a library of monitored items within their area of expertise, and customers can add to that library for their business needs.

With Ivanti Assistants, any issue detected can either drive immediate automated correction – such as switching a firewall back on – or if the issue is not immediately resolvable, the Assistant can create an incident ticket in Ivanti Service Manager.

That incident can encourage human interaction, reference learned knowledge, and follow automated workflow to either achieve a good ESM/IT service management (ITSM) aligned resolution, or, lead to truly proactive problem management – resolving the cause of tomorrow’s incidents today.

Most significantly, Ivanti Assistants’ detection and ticket creation allow IT service desk staff to now proactively contact end users, and offer to fix the annoying recurring issues that are not typically reported to IT, yet still impact productivity and damage the perception of IT.

“By adding a specialist virtual support team to Ivanti Service Manager, our customers are increasing uptime, reducing unreported IT errors, driving productivity, and – more importantly – improving the positive perception of IT. We’re helping end end user frustration over those IT issues that have never really been addressed properly,” continued Aitchison.

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