Stealthbits enhances security and threat protection, expands cloud platform coverage

Stealthbits Technologies, a customer-driven cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data, announced the release of StealthAUDIT 10.0, their flagship platform for auditing, governance, and access management across dozens of IT and data resources.

Security professionals struggle to keep up with and defend against the wide variety of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) attackers can use to infiltrate networks, elude detection, compromise credentials, and escalate privileges on their way to compromising enterprise data repositories.

Correspondingly, there is an ever-increasing number of storage platforms and repositories available to house the data security professionals need to protect, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With the launch of StealthAUDIT 10.0, Stealthbits continues to broaden their security and threat protection capabilities, as well as expand cloud platform coverage to ensure data is protected wherever it lives.

Shadow Access Rights illuminate attack paths

Headlining StealthAUDIT 10.0’s impressive list of enhancements is the addition of Shadow Access Rights analysis, which enables users to proactively and explicitly identify attack paths bad actors can take to move laterally, escalate privileges, compromise entire domains, and gain access to sensitive data.

“While some risks are simple to identify, others lurk beneath the surface and exist due to the right – albeit toxic – combination of permissions and conditions,” explained Stealthbits Field CTO Gerrit Lansing.

“The correlation of highly detailed and comprehensive views into object-level permissions within Active Directory, as well as environmental conditions such as the location of sensitive information and open administrative sessions across desktop and server infrastructure, allows for visualization of real and viable attack paths bad actors look to exploit, helping to simplify an administrator’s understanding of threats and how to remediate them,” Lansing continued.

AWS S3 and Azure SQL database support

StealthAUDIT 10.0 provides expanded support for two of the cloud’s most widely-used object storage and database platforms with solutions for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Azure SQL.

“Our goal is to protect data wherever it may reside,” said Stealthbits GM of Products Jeff Warren. “Amazon S3 and Azure SQL are among the most popular places for organizations to store data in the cloud, serving the needs of thousands of enterprises globally,” Warren continued.

“StealthAUDIT 10.0 has been enhanced to provide comprehensive platform support for AWS S3 Buckets and Azure SQL databases, providing an aggregated, normalized, single pane of glass view of user access, activity, and sensitive data across their entire environment.”

Improved and enhanced user experience

Among the more noticeable enhancements in StealthAUDIT 10.0 is an overhaul of the product’s web reporting, governance, and console interfaces in an effort to provide greater ease of use and leverage a more modern aesthetic.

“While these interfaces will feel fresh and new, they will still be instantly familiar to users, eliminating any learning curve that often comes with these sorts of enhancements. The redesign also brings the added benefit of a consistent look and feel across all web-based interfaces within Stealthbits’ portfolio, which users will enjoy and appreciate as they navigate across products,” said Adam Laub, Stealthbits CMO.

Other important enhancements in StealthAUDIT 10.0 include speed optimizations for faster scanning of sensitive data, improved reporting, and streamlined query-building for ease of use and increased user satisfaction.

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