Zix launches new platform to help businesses create a secure, modern workplace

Zix, a leading provider of cloud email security, productivity and compliance solutions, launched Secure Cloud. Secure Cloud, backed by Phenomenal Care, is a suite of productivity, security and compliance applications built on a secure platform that empowers our customers and partners to establish a Secure Modern Workplace.

The push to expand enterprise IT landscapes in the past decade has left many enterprises with fragmented tech stacks, poorly integrated software and duplicate sources of data that often leads to an inconsistent user experience, as well as lapses in productivity and efficiency.

The COVID-19 crisis has further exacerbated these issues while accelerating the modernization of the workplace. Driven by a vision to help businesses create a space where employees can collaborate in a secure, effective manner, Zix developed the Secure Cloud to not only manage risks and compliance, but also to accelerate innovation and inspire IT confidence.

“The abrupt but necessary shift to remote workplaces due to COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of most organizations, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of productivity and security, especially in a remote environment, said Dave Wagner, CEO, Zix.

“To help our customers achieve the vision of the secure modern workplace quickly and seamlessly, we brought together several of our powerful existing solutions and efficiently streamlined the customer experience in a new, cloud-native architecture. The new Zix Secure Cloud enables users to be more productive and inspires greater IT confidence.”

Secure Cloud is comprised of three essential components – Secure Platform, Cyber Intelligence and Secure Suite – that empower customers and partners.

  • Zix Secure Suite is the fully unified, modular sum of Zix’s and AppRiver’s proven security, compliance and productivity solutions. By bringing best in class encryption, archiving, secure file sharing and threat mitigation tools into one powerful suite, Zix offers a consistent, personalized experience to customers and partners.
  • Zix Secure Platform offers all the necessary tools for partners and customers to build, extend and integrate the applications of Zix Secure Suite. It serves as a cloud-native architecture that ensures high availability, redundancy and consistent access. The out-of-the-box onboarding experience accelerates the adoption of a pure cloud platform. Partners can easily provision new services with the flexibility of consumption billing.
  • Zix’s Cyber Intelligence capabilities drive continued innovation within the entire Secure Cloud solution. The fusion of constant insights from threat analysts, compliance experts, partners and research developed from security audits, all help Zix deliver additional value on top of the world’s largest secure email delivery encryption network. This massive pool of knowledge ensures that Zix’s tools are always evolving and improving to stay ahead of the threat landscape.

Through these three components, Secure Cloud allows businesses to fulfill the vision of a secure, modern workplace where functionality and productivity are high.

The platform makes it easy to administer, minimizing the burden typically placed on IT leaders. Secure Cloud is backed by Zix’s Phenomenal Care that not only offers 24/7/365 customer support, but a seamless user interface built for the real world.

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