BittWare launches TeraBox 200DE edge server, enabling FPGA acceleration in harsh environments

BittWare, a Molex company, a leading supplier of enterprise-class FPGA accelerator products, is pleased to introduce the all new TeraBox 200DE edge server.

Building upon the success of our market-leading range of TeraBox servers for the data center, the TeraBox 200DE enables world-class FPGA acceleration to be deployed in the more challenging, harsh environments demanded of edge applications.

The 200DE is a small footprint, 2U short-depth server based on the new DELL PowerEdge XE2420. It can be populated with a range of BittWare accelerator products featuring the latest FPGAs from Achronix, Intel and Xilinx to support the increasingly complex demands of highly specialized workloads such as 5G, NFV, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Inference.

“Deploying high performance FPGA-based solutions at the edge has been difficult for customers due to the lack of Enterprise-class edge server platforms from tier one suppliers,” said Craig Petrie, VP Marketing at BittWare.

“Size, weight, power and environmental requirements are often non-trivial. Customers have typically had to design their own custom platforms or work with suppliers who struggle to cope with qualification, support and full lifecycle management.

“Working with Dell OEM for many years, we learned about the PowerEdge XE2420 and jumped at the chance to qualify our latest generation of FPGA accelerators. The combination has resulted in the TeraBox 200DE, the first enterprise-class FPGA edge server purpose-built for harsh environments and complex, compute-intensive workloads.”


BittWare’s TeraBox range of certified server platforms feature the latest FPGA accelerators enabling customers to develop and deploy quicker with reduced risk and cost. Key features of the 200DE include:

  • 2U short depth rack server
  • Two 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Tested to Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) guidelines
  • Extended operating temperature (5C – 40C)
  • Optional filtered bezel to guard against dust
  • Front accessible and cold-aisle serviceable for easy maintenance
  • Support for two FHFL PCIe accelerator cards
  • Additional FPGA expansion capabilities using BittWare’s M.2, U.2 and EDSFF products
  • Comprehensive 3 year warranty covering server and FPGA hardware
  • Orderable from BittWare, or direct from DELL Technologies
  • Choice of FPGA accelerator featuring Achronix, Intel or Xilinx FPGAs:
    • S7t-VG6 featuring Achronix Speedster7t FPGA and 400GbE network I/O
    • 520N-MX featuring Intel Stratix 10 MX with 16GB HBM2 memory
    • XUP-P3Rfeaturing Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA, 4x 100GbE network I/O with advanced clock synchronization and trigger capabilities
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