Nuance Mix: An open enterprise-grade tool that creates advanced conversational experiences

Nuance Communications announced the launch of Nuance Mix, an open enterprise-grade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) tooling suite for creating advanced conversational experiences that power Virtual Assistants (VA) and IVR using Nuance’s industry-leading Conversational AI.

As global organisations increasingly look to integrate Conversational AI into their digital and voice customer engagements, the ability to build a conversational experience once and deploy it across channels and modalities has become critical.

Nuance Mix allows those organisations to build, maintain and deliver the complex enterprise-grade conversational experiences that help get vital transactions resolved.

“This is a critical time for organisations as they scramble to support remote workers amid heightened activity across digital channels. Nuance Mix is a game changer because it provides non-technical, departmental personnel with ‘DIY’ tools to integrate Conversational AI into self-service workflows,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research.

“Nuance Mix is built on decades of experience in conversational design across voice and chatbot solutions. It provides the scalable and flexible deployment options required to address the multifaceted needs of organisations, including meeting security and compliance demands,” said Joe Petro, EVP and CTO, Nuance.

“With Nuance Mix, organisations can use market-tested tools and expert-built models to design, develop, test and maintain their applications.”

Nuance Mix has been deployed by customers through the Nuance Mix beta program, where organisations successfully built and implemented various applications. Some noteworthy examples include:

  • An entertainment company using Nuance Mix to empower voice control for its gaming consoles
  • A large airline putting Nuance Mix at the center of its VA and IVR omnichannel strategy to add transactional self-service functionalities
  • A 5G mobile network operator using Nuance Mix to create a customer care VA that enables its customers to resolve issues by simply speaking or typing
  • A recognised leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions using Nuance Mix to enable care teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time

The Nuance Mix toolset is immediately available and supports the full software development lifecycle, spanning all project roles including developers, designers, testers and business analysts.

Unlike other tools only focused on enabling the developer community, Nuance Mix empowers both expert and non-technical users and offers collaborative models with Nuance conversational design experts for building experiences, if desired.

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