Trustonic Secured Platform to be deployed on LG’s smartphones

Mobile device and app security leader Trustonic has extended its partnership with LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, which will see Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP) deployed on LG’s smartphones.

This includes the introduction of Trusted User Interface (TUI) functionality that is vital to unlocking the next generation of strong app protection in mobile banking, mobile payments and mPOS, digital car key and mobile identity-based apps.

TSP integrates Trustonic’s trusted identity and trusted execution environment (TEE) into each smartphone during manufacture, protecting them with certified, hardware-backed security throughout the device’s lifecycle.

TSP has already been deployed in more than 2 billion smart devices worldwide and is being integrated through LG’s major System on Chip (SoC) platform partners to bring greater trust to more of its smartphones. Trustonic’s TEE also secures key management, digital rights management (DRM), biometrics and FIDO authentication.

Trustonic’s Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS) will be pre-enabled on LG’s smartphones to fulfil mobile operators’ device protection needs. This service is being adopted by mobile operators to protect devices throughout their lifecycle, enabling operators to offer innovative new financing packages to more customers, and curtail smartphone theft, fraud and trafficking across the supply chain.

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) will help to enhance security levels of LG’s native apps like LG Pay and third party app developers will also benefit as they can use the SDK to build secure next-generation user experiences.

TAP is the only app development platform that combines hardware-backed and software in-app protection, enabling any developer to build and deploy applications with advanced security. This is particularly key for payment, banking, mPOS and automotive apps.

The platform also allows developers to deploy Trustonic’s TUI in their application user experiences, shielding sensitive input and display user interactions, like PIN entry, away from the potentially compromised main device operating system.

Dion Price, CEO of Trustonic, says: “Trustonic and LG agree that open and collaborative app and device security can enrich the mobile user experience. This approach goes far beyond simply protecting mobile devices, apps and data, it is delivering value to mobile network operators, consumers, app developers and the wider ecosystem. This kind of collaboration is the only way to drive trust, which is fundamental to delivering innovative and secure mobile services.”

Trustonic and LG have worked together since 2013 to bring trust to devices and applications.

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