Cygilant Endpoint Security: Detecting malware and critical threats

Cygilant, provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to mid-sized organizations, launched Cygilant Endpoint Security, a new solution that will give companies greater visibility into suspicious activity taking place on network endpoints.

Cygilant Endpoint Security

Cygilant Endpoint Security is an agent-based solution that collects real-time security data from a company’s critical assets, detects suspicious files, services and other activity – and then streams alerts to the 24×7 Cygilant Security Operations Center (SOC) for further investigation and action.

In today’s distributed and remote networks, it is no longer good enough to shield critical assets behind perimeter defenses. Attackers are more sophisticated and regularly craft exploits that mimic legitimate traffic and are designed to evade signature-based defenses. On top of that, endpoints are roaming from network to network or utilizing resources in cloud data centers that are not under direct corporate control.

To successfully defend an organization from malware and other critical threats, IT security analysts need increased visibility into what is happening at the various endpoints that connect to a company’s network.

With Cygilant’s Endpoint Security, which is included as a part of the company’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution, companies can rest easy that malware or breach attempts originating from their workstations or servers can be detected and halted.

“Attacks on businesses of all size have become more sophisticated. Cybercriminals are using traffic that traditionally wouldn’t be blocked at the perimeter to gain access to network systems and data,” said Kevin Landt, vice president of product management at Cygilant.

“At the same time, with the recent and rapid growth of remote working due to the global pandemic, there is added urgency to better understand what is entering or leaving your network. The combination of Endpoint Security with our cybersecurity experts gives companies the visibility and protection they need.”

Cygilant Endpoint Security is a cost-effective solution that delivers the most critical features to customers in a way that’s designed to be user-friendly, scalable and reliable. Fully managed by Cygilant, Endpoint Security delivers customers significant time and cost savings when compared to deploying traditional endpoint protection products.

By combining Endpoint Security with network intrusion detection, event log monitoring and threat intelligence, companies can gain a single dashboard view of their entire cybersecurity posture.

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