iThreat helps combat COVID-19 fraudulent websites

iThreat announced that it is working with a coalition of Internet infrastructure providers, law enforcement organizations and other anti-abuse organizations to combat the flood of fraudulent websites that have appeared in recent weeks seeking to capitalize on the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Criminal and other malicious actors are using the global pandemic as an opportunity for illegal gain and fraud,” stated iThreat CEO Jeff Bedser. “We are working to minimize this threat.”

iThreat is in a strong position to help combat this type of criminal activity via its CleanDNS platform. iThreat analyzes the Domain Name System (DNS) for suspect domains that might host fraud, malware, phishing or other types of activity utilized to exploit end-users.

iThreat collects data daily, whereby new domains that reference COVID-19 (or similar terms) are cross- referenced with known malicious actors or other patterns of sinister activity on the Internet. iThreat then surfaces that information to the Internet community to help prevent victimization in the Internet space.

“At iThreat, we can’t create or retool crucial medical equipment to help the brave men and women fighting the virus on the front lines,” Bedser continued.

“But we can support efforts to protect the public from targeted fraud during the pandemic. We hope our work, and that of our partners, will lead to the suppression and prosecution of online wrongdoers trying to capitalize on this crisis.”

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